tour guide of the
inner city tour


Tour guide for Hungarian high school classes

I’m a cultural worker and hobby urbanist.

Welcome to Budapest. On our walking tour we visit some of the hidden sights.

This walk is an interactive Hungarian History and Literature lesson in which the buildings, monuments, streets and personalties of Budapest tell the captivating story of a city through time.

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juice of the 8th district tour

szikra csaba

I’m a social worker and a professional intercultural vagabond.

I’m proud of my culture, my country, my city and of the eighth district („nyolcker”) –I lived here at several places and still live in the neighbourhood.

My tourleader-backpack is filled with my roots, voices, sounds, fragrances, pictures of people and houses – and maybe my future will bind me here as well.
I hope so.

tour guide of the
inner city tour


I like the small specialities and little miracles in every city.

On my explorations I search for these mysterious things. I believe that tiny marks and memories make every city unique.

Budapest is a fantastic and very rich city, with many hidden treasures in it. A little shop for example where the old saleman can personally tell you an interesting story about the revolution in 1956, or a sign on an old wall which shows how could have a craftmen worked in the past century.

I adore these kinds of small relics. Come with me and I show you the real face of the city centre!